A headshot of Isabel Coss

About Isabel Coss


Isabel Coss, born and raised in Mexico City, is a pastry chef who tells stories through her technique-driven desserts, celebrating and finding inspiration in local ingredients as well as the flavors she grew up with in Mexico. Isabel fell in love with cooking from a young age, the warmth and nurturing essence of Mexican food always make her feel at home wherever in the world she might be. She took on her first kitchen job at the age of 17 as a bread baker in Enrique Olvera’s landmark restaurant Pujol. In 2011, Coss moved to New York City to work at several top-tier culinary concepts, including Empellon, Agern, and Cosme “World 50 Best” as the executive pastry chef of Casamata group, Coss relocated to Washington DC to join Lutèce as the pastry chef. She was awarded StarChefs rising pastry chef in 2019. Coss believes food is the most humble and vulnerable way to give and find joy and to connect as humans.