Small Group Baking

Grades 4-12

(formerly called Self-Directed)

  • For groups of 10 or more students/kids  
  • Perfect for individual classes, FCS classes, after-school clubs, scouts, and home school groups
  • Students watch the Bake for Good instructional video, and the teacher/group leader guides the lesson
  • Students receive baking supplies to share and bake together in pairs or teams 
Two children, each holding a baking sheet of rolls

How it works

The Small Group Baking program is designed for individual classes including FCS/Culinary, after-school clubs, scouts, and home school groups. You bring your group of 10-50 participants together to watch the BFG Instructional Video. You may supplement the video lesson by demonstrating parts of the dough making and shaping process. Students/kids work in teams of 2 or 3 and make loaves or rolls. Some they keep; some are shared as an act of kindness.

We send flour and materials based on the number of kids AND how many teams are baking. Each student will receive a recipe booklet, dough scraper, bread bag and twist tie. Flour and yeast will be sent based on how many batches of dough your group is making.

Please read the Small Group Planning Guide carefully, it has a lot of information about setting up to bake and a few timeline options for your group.

Learn, Bake — and Share

Building community through baking is one of our core values at King Arthur Baking Company. The BFG bread recipe makes two loaves or a few dozen rolls. Your students will share one loaf or half of their rolls with a family member, neighbor, or friend as an act of kindness.

Next Steps

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Instructional Video

Shaping Videos

Knotted Rolls


Cinnamon Rolls