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Karachi offers a diverse and scrumptious collection of street foods. Not only to the people of Karachi, but to every person across this country as well. Karachi is renowned for its delicious, spicy street food. From biryani to kebabs to nihari and sweets , Karachi will give you everything in one place. Well, the city of lights consists of a lot of famous food streets, nonetheless  in this blog, we will be discovering Burns road, the oldest and most ambrosial food street situated in the city of lights, Karachi. If you haven’t visited Burns road yet, you are certainly missing on  a huge flavourgasmic experience. In Karachi, ask for ‘Burns Road’, and just about anyone will be able to point you to the street of Mazaydar Haleem, biryani, dahi baray, quorum, Gola kabab, halwa puri, mithai, and whatnot.

Burns Road, named after a British-spy doctor James Burns, is situated at Shahra-e-Liaquat, Karachi. It has a wide variety of aromatic and dainty food. A list of scrumptious street  food is as follows:

Azaad Bun Kabab’s Famous Open-Burger Bun Kabab

Bun kabab is well recognized across Pakistan, but at Azaad Bun Kabab you’ll find it a bit differently. It consists of a soft, starchy bun and delicious unwrapped kebabs with salad. A perfect snack too much on especially at lunchtime! That’s why you will not find a place to stand because of the crowd in lunch hours.

Cafe Lazeez’s Makhan-Kattakat

Mouthwatering and must east!  Best Treat for all meat lovers. Hygiene is a major concern while eating in food streets. Good news for all hygiene freaks because restaurant owner helps customer to select ingredients while showcasing how fresh the ingredients  are. So if you wanna enjoy hygienic, buttery kattakat,  burns road is a place to give it a shot.

Agha Sajji’s Sajji and Karahi

Are you meat a lover? Do you want to enjoy the aromic  mixture of spices and meat, then this street food is for you. Sajji and karahi at Agha Sajji are iconic dishes to eat while living in Karachi because it has the taste to die for!

Food Center’s Masalaydar Biryani

Biryani is the love of every Pakistani citizen. Food Center’s Masalaydar Biryani offers chicken and beef biryani which has a balanced mixture of spices making  the taste overall superb.

Mazedar Haleem’s Haleem-Nan combination

For some Haleem simply does not go with Nan, but only true lovers know that Haleem and Nan’s combination is something splendorous and to die for. Mazedar Haleem’s Haleem-Nan combination contains spicy Haleem with lemon and garlic topping along with starchy, fluffy appetizing, and freshly baked Nans to devour. This combination will truly satisfy your spicy and starchy cravings.

The journey of scrumptiousness is not over here. The list goes on, but if you ever visited Karachi so make sure to visit Burns Road. Burns road is the true reflection of our culture, taste and traditions. You  will absolutely relish  pure and delectable tastes of Pakistani  food in Burns road.

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