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Nueplex Cinema DHA

Nueplex Cinema DHA

Nueplex Cinema DHA, Pakistan’s largest purpose-built and freestanding multiplex network, offer its clients a grandiose and larger-than-life experience like no other. Nueplex stands out in the leisure and recreational industry. World-famous cinema designers, Mesbur & Smith of Canada constructed its all of locations and sporting high-end 4K Digital projection technology specifically created by Christie Digital Canada.

All screens of Nueplex have the first custom-built acoustics in Pakistan, created by Valcoustics, a world-class acoustics company based in Canada. Our brand consistently guarantees that no money or effort is wasted in providing customers with a pleasant but fantastic experience. Our cinema models produce a majestic ambience that transports our clients away and disengages them from the outer world, from the custom-made chairs to the highly well-elevated halls. Our clients have a broad selection of Nueplex models and sensations to choose from, including the grandeur of our large panels, the closeness of our tiny screens, the elegance of our Royal displays, and the beauty of our open-air screen.

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