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Why Using Condom During Sex

Why Using Condom During Sex

Let me begin by noting that if you’re reading this, you presumably want someone to explain why you must use condoms. I won’t mention using a condom since it makes sense that this post is only for guys. When it relates to condom use, both male and female bear equal accountability!

Several of you have probably encountered something comparable in the past. This essay isn’t being written because I have new statistics or suggestions. This is merely an article to emphasize the need for self-protection. I mean, we only get one life. So why spend your life in terror, not knowing if your one evening of desire will turn into a life of hurt, wrath, and pain?

Things do occur, and a condom might not prevent you from everything. My argument is that from the end of the next day, you must be able to reflect and say you did everything you could to secure yourself. I’ve compiled a list of explanations for why you must at least think about wearing condoms!

The Top Seven Reasons to Employ Condoms

Why Using Condom During Sex

Condoms may not be 100 per cent efficient in preventing pregnancy, but the fact is that no contraceptive technique is 100 per cent successful unless you stay abstinent. Use condoms to reduce your risks of having an unexpected pregnancy.

This demonstrates maturity

Having cared for sexual health says a lot and might be interpreted as being responsible.

You are not a married person

This is not meant to shame anybody or imply that marriage guarantees safety. If you are unmarried, your associate will not be around you in a year or two. Having more than one partner multiplies your danger!

They're fine

Condoms are now available in various forms, sizes, and colours. They have many lubricants that improve feeling, such as Trojan’s Fire & Ice. For your comfort, you can even get condoms in bulk online.

There is less tension

Please give them a sense of comfort, knowing that they are less likely to have STDs or become pregnant due to your efforts. Remember, it is not a perfect world. You and your other half are still accountable for getting tested regularly.

It may save your life

AIDS is caused by HIV, which affects the immune system gradually. Badly, there is no cure for this condition. Every year, a lot of persons die as a result of AIDS. There are various methods to catch the infection, but condoms can help avoid the transmission of this sickness for this discussion.

You have several mates!

Let’s be honest: not everybody is monogamous. Many individuals feel that if they’ve been with someone for a long time, it is OK not to take condoms as much as they safeguard themselves while with other people. That is just incorrect! Condoms should always be used.

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